Features of Wonju Hanji
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Features of Wonju Hanji
Wonju Hanji's characteristic is the diversity of colours, and it was used frequently for papercraft production. The reason for Wonju Hanji's reputation is because Wonju has optimal conditions for the cultivation of the paper mulberry and clean water runs. The paper mulberry in Wonju is widely known for its high-quality cultivability with a suitable climate and environment in the central inland region. Especially the plant mulberry, which is the main material of Hanji, is naturally growing in the mountains, ridge, and fields of Wonju. Also, clean water quality, which is essential in the process of cleaning raw materials, reveals strong and tough characteristics of Wonju Hanji. In 1985 Hanji being produced from Wonju was certified with the Quality Control Certification, indicating that Wonju Hanji can be preserved for 700 years from Korea Industrial Promotion Agency. In October 2002, Wonju Hanji acquired International Quality Certification.
Wonju Hanji is colorful hanji with 260 types of colors.
• Wonju Hanji uses our nation's plant mulberry as raw material
• Wonju Hanji is handmade by master craftsmen
• Wonju Hanji is robust and soft
• Wonju Hanji can be conserved for a long period
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