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Hanji development institute established in 2001 has been communicating with citizens through the discovery of excellent cultural resource, Hanji, by promoting locally and abroad and pursuing various businesses such as hanji culture and art education program, international exchange business etc. The institute is also proceeding familiar businesses, including the 2010 Hanji Theme Park construction and hosting the hanji culture festival to try their best to reach out to citizens.
We plan to introduce and expand Hanji culture's awareness by continuous cultural exchange with home and abroad paper related people.
We aim for familiarity with citizens from active communication.
We plan to create a cooperative relationship with various cultures and art organizations through local activities.
Based on Hanji's diverse artistry, we encourage creative activities through collaboration with artists worldwide.
We aim for the continuous development of hanji culture and hanji's superiority through an education program in the company with citizens.
Purpose of establishment (Wonju Hanji Theme Park)
To promote the superiority of our Traditional culture, Hanji.
To open up a foreign market and enhance the national image through the home and abroad exchange.
To establish the foundation of settlement of living culture through the popularization of hanji culture.
To develop hanji cultural resources.
To promote the diffusion of culture by culture and art education and activities.
To research and investigate each area systematically about Hanji.
To fulfil other original establishment purposes through various businesses.
Basis of support individual law (civil law article 32)
Ministry of culture and tourism jurisdiction non-profit corporation established and rules of supervision article 4.
President of Wonju Hanji Theme Park, jin hee Kim
1964 Kangwon-do Wonju birth
Former Ganwon provincial assembly member
Former Wonju Hanji cultural festival committee head
Former Hanji Development institute executive director
Former Wonju citizens solidarity head
Currently Hanji Development institute chairman of the board, chairman of Kangwon-do human rights
Hanji related professional labor force
Hanji craftsman (Republic of Korea war of hanji award-winning artist)
Hanji craftsman (Paper-tree gallery head)
Hanji craftsman (imperial family cultural foundation hanji craftsmaster)
Hanji craftsman (Jicheonyeonyega head)
Hanji cultural solidarity head
Wonju Hanjijang Kangwon intangible cultural asset No. 32 (Wonju Hanji factory head)
Wonju Hanji Theme Park history
Consignment operation of Wonju Hanji Theme Park
International exchange activation enterprise (France, Japan, Germany, Italy, USA)
Consignment operation of Wonju Hanji craft museum
Republic of Korea war of hanji held
Establishment of Hanji Development institute
Host Wonju Hanji cultural festival
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